Special Effects for Every Occasion

Take the WOW factor up a notch with custom effects from SWP.

When adding pyrotechnics to your event, it is essential that the execution of the display is flawless. A firework shot off too early or too late can completely throw off the entire event. The attention to detail at SW Products sets our company apart. Rest assured that our displays are always planned to the second.

Event Decorations with a pink lighting theme, pink overhead lamps and long tables lined up with chairs

Your Vision, Our Execution

Take the WOW factor up a notch with custom effects from SWP.

Our specialty is executing your vision whether large or small. If you don’t know what type of special effects you need, SW Productions will help you make the best choice. Whether you’re dreaming big or thinking small, we will create a customized display that exceeds your expectations.

Get Lit with SWP!

If you aren’t looking for a full firework display, SW Productions specializes in sparkling fountains, an effect that creates a contained, yet dazzling spray of sparkles. Often used for wedding photography or stage presence, sparkling fountains are always a crowd-pleaser!

Interested in adding special effects to your next event? Contact us today to see how we can help.