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Create an unforgettable experience to celebrate your special event.

Event production is more than a slideshow or lighting design. SW Productions specializes in the fully-realized design, covering every detail of event experience — even those you didn’t know you needed! Event production covers every aspect of an event from the technical to the design. In essence, it’s the whole package!

Whether you’re looking to add event production to a wedding, corporate event, ribbon cutting, festival, or birthday, we will help tailor your production to perfectly complement your event.

Large or small, our specialty is executing your vision.

Lighting and Decorations in a Restaurant with Candlelit Round Tables
Stage Lighting and Decoration with a Blue Theme

Smooth Sailing Starts with Seamless Execution

It’s your event — enjoy it!

Organizing an event is stressful. Event production alone covers a vast range of details, and understanding what you need or how to execute it can be confusing. SWP will ensure your event runs smoothly, from start to finish. We will handle all your pre-planning logistics, as well as set-up, event coordination, and tear-down. If you aren’t sure what type of event production you may need, SW Productions will help you choose the right components.

We understand that no event is exactly the same, so we will work with you to determine pricing on a one-on-one basis.

Fully Integrated Event Production Services

Immerse guests in a true experience.

Transform your entire event with the full event production package. From the lighting design to the sound, SWP will ensure that each detail works together to create a flawless experience. Your vision will become a reality with SWP’s event production services.

Our production services include: